Meet Our ministry



Pastor Sieg Klar was raised with a lively and spirit filled Christian background, and found Jesus Christ at a young age. He came into contact with the revealed end time message in his late 20's after meeting Anita, his lovely wife. Serving the Lord together they have 3 children; 2 daughters: Ramona and Rosanne, and a son Stephen. 

Bro. Sieg has been serving RWF Church for 20 about years and has a true heart for the people. We are thankful for the great revelation God has given our pastor to insure biblical and spiritual foundations are laid in the hearts of the people. 

With much Godly wisdom and knowledge, our senior pastor has a large teaching ministry to keep spiritual balance within the word. He is the shepherd to the RWFs sheep fold and we are truly blessed.



Pastor Steve Klar was brought up in the blessed christian home of Bro.Seig his father. With a true calling in his life he began young, leading youth with musical influence and became a natural worship leader. 

Married young to Hannah, God blessed them with 3 beautiful children. Solomon, Arianna and Lael. 

Bro. Steve was called to the ministry early at 21 years old.  Using his gift of singing and inspired ministry he has taken the message of Jesus Christ around the world. 

With a burden for mission work largely in India he has traveled many times helping the believers across the world.  RWF Church prints 10 000 copies monthly, of sermons with various title volumes from William M. Branham, through the leadership of Bro. Steve.  

With a powerful ministry on the rise Pastor Steve serves the RWF Church under Bro. Sieg and working together they aim to reach as many souls as possible for the kingdom of God.